IPUMS-DHS Contextual Variables: CSV Files

Time-Variant Variables

Time series data are available in zipped packages containing a .csv data file, a text file describing the data, and merging instructions. Instructions for how to unzip these files can be found here.

The preselected IPUMS-DHS variable DHSID uniquely identifies clusters across samples and can be used to link IPUMS-DHS data extracts to the time series data available below.

Please consult Using IPUMS-DHS Contextual Variables for more information.

CSV Files (Zipped)

Time-Invariant Variables

Users who would like to use the IPUMS-DHS time-invariant contextual variables with samples that are not currently included in IPUMS-DHS may download the contextual variables from the links below. The variables are available for all DHS samples with GPS data released before January 2017. For more information about these variables, please see the user note on contextual variables or the variable descriptions for these variables.

CSV Files (Zipped)