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Age (in months) for herbal tea

AGETEA_ALL variables are 2-digit variables.


0 = Less than 1 month
1 = 1 month
2 = 2 months
55 = 55 months
56 = 56 months
95 = Not given
96 = Inconsistent
97 = Don't know
98 = Missing
99 = NIU (not in universe)


For women who gave birth in the last five years, AGETEA_ALL reports the age, in months, at which the child was first given herbal tea on a regular basis.

AGETEA_ALL consists of a set of up to six separate variables, covering the most recent birth (AGETEA_01) up to the sixth-most-recent birth (i.e., AGETEA_02, AGETEA_03, AGETEA_04, AGETEA_05, and AGETEA_06) during the reference period prior to the survey. If AGETEA_ALL is included in a data extract, all these separate variables are included in a researcher's data file.

Comparability — Index



AGETEA_ALL is largely comparable across samples.

Comparability - Standard DHS

AGETEA_ALL is a country-specific variable, but it is part of a series of questions about the age the child was first given specific foods, which is included in Phase II of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — Senegal [top]

The 1992 and 1997 Senegal surveys ask about "quinqueliba," a plant used to make herbal tea.


  • Senegal 1992: Women age 15-49 who gave birth in the 5 years before the survey.
  • Senegal 1997: Women age 15-49 who gave birth in the 5 years before the survey.
  • Senegal: 1992-W, 1997-W