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Want to know more about IPUMS DHS? See our FAQ.

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Video Tutorials

If you want to learn about, or are having trouble with, the IPUMS-DHS extraction system, please see our brief video tutorials for an introduction to our website:

Video Tutorials


Webinars cover specific aspects of IPUMS DHS data, such as integrated geography variables, and are posted with questions and answers from the webinar:


User Notes

For more information about IPUMS-DHS data, including guidance with common methodological problems, please see our User Notes.

User Notes

Users may also wish to review our User Guide, which provides information about using the IPUMS-DHS website.

Data User Training Exercises

We provide guided training exercises using the IPUMS-DHS data on our website and using Stata.

Data User Training Exercises

Questions and Answers

For specific questions about the IPUMS-DHS extract system, data, or documentation, please search for an answer on our user forum. You can also ask a question there, which one of our staff members or a fellow user will answer. Please specify that you are working with IPUMS-DHS data.

IPUMS User Forum

For questions relating to the original DHS data, you can post questions or read responses at the DHS Program User Forum.

The DHS Program User Forum

For individualized help if you are having difficulty with the IPUMS-DHS extract system, data, or documentation, please email our User Support team and specify that you are working with IPUMS-DHS data. If you are requesting assistance with a particular IPUMS-DHS extract, include both the email address you used to request access to DHS data and the name of the data extract. Without this information, there will be a delay in responding to your email.

Please send your questions about IPUMS-DHS to

User Feedback/Errors

We welcome suggestions and feedback about errors, inconsistencies, or ambiguities in the IPUMS-DHS data and documentation. Please send feedback to Specify that you are working with IPUMS-DHS data.

Tell Us How You Used IPUMS-DHS

We request that users tell as about any publications, research reports, or educational materials they have created using the IPUMS-DHS data or documentation. We welcome information (including author, title, date, and other standard citation material, such as journal name and volume) about books, educational materials, or papers to satisfy a course requirement that draw upon IPUMS-DHS data or documentation. Thank you for your help!

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