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Thinks only having sex within marriage reduces AIDS risk (open-ended)

Codes and Frequencies

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AIDMARRLOWR indicates whether the respondent reported, in response to an open-ended question, that only having sex within marriage reduces risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.


Apart from universe differences, AIDMARRLOWR has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

A question asking, "Is there anything a person can do to avoid getting AIDS or the virus that causes AIDS? What can a person do?" is included in Phases III and IV of the standard DHS questionnaire. AIDMARRLOWR is a country-specific response category.


  • Bangladesh 2000: Ever-married women age 10-49 who have heard of HIV/AIDS.
  • Bangladesh 2004: Ever-married women age 10-49.
  • Bangladesh: 2000-W, 2000-C, 2000-B, 2004-B, 2004-W, 2004-C