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Travel time (in minutes) to antenatal care

ANCARETIM_ALL variables are 3-digit variables.


0 = Less than 1 minute
990 = Seen at home
998 = Missing
999 = NIU (not in universe)


ANCARETIM_ALL reports the number of minutes it took for the woman to get from her home to the nearest place where she received antenatal care.

ANCARETIM_ALL consists of a set of up to six separate variables, covering the most recent birth (ANCARETIM_01) up to the sixth-most-recent birth (i.e., ANCARETIM_02, ANCARETIM_03, ANCARETIM_04, ANCARETIM_05, and ANCARETIM_06) during the reference period prior to the survey. If ANCARETIM_ALL is included in a data extract, all these separate variables are included in a researcher's data file.


ANCARETIM_ALL has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

ANCARETIM_ALL is a country-specific variable, and it is not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire.


  • Nepal 1996: Ever-married women age 15-49 who gave birth in the 3 years before the survey and received prenatal care for their last birth.
  • Nepal: 1996-W