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Adult ate spices in past 24 hours

Codes and Frequencies

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ATESPICE24H indicates whether the respondent ate spices during the previous day, either at night or during the daytime.

Comparability — Index



ATESPICE24H has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

ATESPICE24H is a country-specific variable, but it is part of a series asking about the respondent's food consumption, which is included in Phase 5 of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — Yemen [top]

The 1991 Yemen survey asks whether the respondent ate "spices for flavor, such as pepper and spices and herbs or fish meal."


  • Nigeria 2018: All women age 15-49.
  • Yemen 2013: Women age 15-49 who have ever been married and who have at least one surviving co-resident child under age 3.
  • Nigeria: 2018-C, 2018-B, 2018-W, 2018-W
  • Yemen: 2013-C, 2013-B, 2013-W, 2013-W