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Child's occupation

Codes and Frequencies

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CHLHHCURRJOB reports the main occupation of child household member selected for the child labor module (CHLHHINDEX).

The information in CHLHHCURRJOB is taken from the household record and applies to regular household residents, not temporary visitors. Researchers may wish to exclude visitors using the RESIDENT variable (with visitors coded "2") when women, children, or births are the unit of analysis, and using the HHRESIDENT variable when household members are the unit of analysis.


CHLHHCURRJOB has no comparability problems. The harmonized coding categories in the IPUMS-DHS variable CHLACTIVIY were constructed to reflect the most recent International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08). The major categories are:

  • 0: Armed forces occupations
  • 1000: Managers
  • 2000: Professional
  • 3000: Technicians and associate professionals
  • 4000: Clerical support workers
  • 5000: Service and sales workers
  • 6000: Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
  • 7000: Craft and related trades workers
  • 8000: Plant and machine operators and assemblers
  • 9000: Elementary occupations
Comparability - Standard DHS

CHLHHCURRJOB is a country-specific variable, and it is not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire or child labor module.


  • Angola 2015: Women age 15-49 in households with a child age 15-17 selected for the child labor module, who worked in the past week or who have a job.
  • Angola: 2015-W, 2015-C, 2015-B, 2015-M, 2015-H, 2015-W