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Amount paid for delivery: Other costs (last birth)

DELCOSTOTH_01 is a 5-digit numeric variable.


0 = Free/did not pay
99997 = Don't know
99998 = Missing
99999 = NIU (not in universe)


DELCOSTOTH_01 is a 5-digit numeric variable that reports how much the respondent paid in other costs for delivery (for the last birth). The meaning of "other" must be interpreted relative to the specific categories included in a particular sample.

Comparability — Index



DELCOSTOTH_01 may vary significantly in the units reported. See country-specific comparability for more information.

Comparability - Standard DHS

DELCOSTOTH_01 is a country-specific variable, and it is not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — India [top]

The 2015 India sample reports the cost of delivery in Indian rupees (INR).


  • India 2015: Women age 15-49 who gave birth in the 5 years before the survey and delivered the child in a health facility.
  • India: 2015-W, 2015-W