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Why not delivered in health facility: No female provider


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


For last-born children born at home in the five years before the survey, DELHMFMD (M65E) indicates whether the lack of a female provider was a reason why the child was not delivered in a health facility. The interviewer recorded all reasons mentioned.


Apart from universe differences, DELHMFMD (M65E) is comparable across samples.

Comparability - Standard DHS

DELHMFMD (M65E) is a standard variable included in DHS questionnaires from Phase 5 forward.


No universe descriptions are currently available.
  • Egypt: 2005-C, 2008-C
  • Eswatini (Swaziland): 2006-C
  • Ethiopia: 2005-C, 2011-C
  • Ghana: 2008-C
  • India: 2005-C, 2015-C
  • Jordan: 2007-C
  • Kenya: 2008-C
  • Liberia: 2007-C
  • Madagascar: 2008-C
  • Namibia: 2006-C, 2013-C
  • Nepal: 2006-C, 2011-C, 2016-C
  • Nigeria: 2008-C, 2013-C
  • Pakistan: 2006-C
  • Tanzania: 2010-C
  • Uganda: 2006-C
  • Yemen: 2013-C
  • Zambia: 2007-C, 2013-C
  • Zimbabwe: 2005-C