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District (India)

District codes and labels for 1992 can be found here.
District codes and labels for 1998 can be found here.

Refer to the "Description" section for more details on DISTRICTIA.


DISTRICTIA reports the district of India where the respondent was interviewed. Districts are second administrative-level units below states; these data are only available for the 1992 and the 1998 surveys. For geography variables on the 1992 and 1998 regions for India, refer to variables GEO_IA1992 and GEO_IA1998.

The 1992 and 1998 surveys do not include every district in the country, since the surveys are designed to measure indicators at the state (regional) level. Additionally, some of the districts that are included in the survey may have very small enumeration areas with few cases. Therefore, users should not analyze data at the district level.

The variable DISTRICTIA only provides sequential codes from 1 to 56 in 1992 and 1 to 63 in 1998. A given number does not necessarily identify the same geographic area across years.

  • For complete 1992 district codes, users need to concatenate three variables, CLUSTERNO, GEO_IA1992, and DISTRICTIA. Please refer to the codes page to download labels corresponding to these codes.
  • For 1998 survey codes, users need to concatenate CLUSTERNO, GEO_IA1998, and DISTRICTIA. Please refer to the codes page to download labels corresponding to these codes.

The 2005 Indian survey did not release district-level information due to confidentiality requirements of HIV testing. GEOALT_IA2015
reports district codes for the 2015 survey.

Other geography variables for India that have information on states include: GEO_IA1992, GEO_IA1998, GEO_IA2005, and GEO_IA2015. There is also an integrated variable, GEO_IA1992_2015, that provides spatially consistent units over time.


Sikkim and the Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir were excluded from the 1992 India sample.


  • India 1992: Ever-married women age 13-49.
  • India 1998: Ever-married women age 15-49.
  • India: 1992-C, 1992-B, 1992-W, 1998-C, 1998-B, 1998-W