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Reason FC is bad tradition: Other (open-ended)

Codes and Frequencies

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Women who said that female circumcision should be stopped because it is a "bad tradition" (FCBADTRAD) were asked a follow-up question to explain what was meant by bad tradition. FCBTOTHER captures whether they mentioned the practice is a bad tradition due to some other reason not provided in the specific response categories.

Comparability — Index



Along with slight differences in question wording, there are universe differences in FCBTOTHER, which may impact comparability. Only samples with major comparability issues are described below.

Comparability - Standard DHS

FCBTOTHER is a country-specific variable and is included in neither the standard DHS questionnaire nor in any version of the standard DHS module on female circumcision.

Comparability — Niger [top]

Though the survey form suggests this question was asked only of those with an affirmative response in FCBADTRAD, the 1998 Niger sample universe also included respondents who said female circumcision was "against religion" (FCBADRELIG).


  • Cote d'Ivoire 1998: Women age 15-49 who think FC should be stopped because it is a bad tradition.
  • Niger 1998: Women age 15-49 who think FC should be stopped because it is a bad tradition/against religion.
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 1998-W, 1998-C, 1998-B
  • Niger: 1998-W, 1998-C, 1998-B