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Main problem with foaming tablets, standardized

Codes and Frequencies

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FPPROBFOAMS reports the woman's opinion about the main problem, if any, with using foaming tablets as a family planning method. Interviewers collected the information through an open-ended question and then entered the code for the standard response category that best matched the answer.


FPPROBFOAMS has no comparability issues.

Comparability - Standard DHS

Although questions relating to the woman's main problem with using a given method of contraception are included in the standard DHS questionnaire for Phase 1, FPPROBFOAMS is a country-specific response category that is not included in any of the standard DHS modules.


  • Zimbabwe 1988: Women age 15-49 who have heard of foaming tablets.
  • Zimbabwe: 1988-W, 1988-C, 1988-B