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How fistula was contracted: Other (open-ended)

Codes and Frequencies

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FSHOWGOTOTH captures whether the woman mentioned some other event or factor as the cause of fistula when asked an open-ended question. The meaning of "other" depends on the more specific responses included in a given sample.

When children are chosen as the unit of analysis, the woman respondent indicates the mother of the child.


FSHOWGOTOTH has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

The standard DHS questionnaire includes no questions about fistula. The Standard DHS Module on fistula asks whether the woman's fistula was due to delivery or other (open-ended) causes, but FSHOWGOTOLD was not included in the standard module.


  • Niger 2006: Women age 15-49 who have heard of fistula.
  • Niger: 2006-W, 2006-C, 2006-B, 2006-W