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Line number of household member selected for inpatient health expenditures module

Codes and Frequencies

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HHINPATLINENOHH reports the household line number of the person who received inpatient care in the last six months and who was selected for the out-of-pocket health expenditures module.

If a given household member was the person selected, HHINPATLINENOHH will be that household member's own line number. Users wishing to limit other variables in the out-of-pocket health expenditures module to include only the selected individuals, rather than all members of the household, should exclude cases where HHINPATLINENHOHH does not equal the household member's own line number, using the following variables:

  • HHLINENO when using household members as a unit of analysis
  • LINENO when using women, children, or births as a unit of analysis
  • LINENOMN when using men as a unit of analysis


HHINPATLINENOHH has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

HHINPATLINENOHH is a country-specific variable, and it is not included in any phase of the standard DHS household questionnaire or in the standard out-of-pocket health expenditures module.


  • Namibia 2013: Women age 15-64 households with at least one member who received inpatient care in the last 6 months.
  • Namibia: 2013-W, 2013-C, 2013-B, 2013-M, 2013-H, 2013-W