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Relationship to household head


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


HHRELATE (HV101) reports the household member's relationship to the head of the household/householder.


HHRELATE (HV101) varies across samples in the number of response categories. Nearly all samples include responses for head, wife or husband, sons and daughters by blood or marriage, grandchildren, parents by blood or marriage, siblings, and adopted children. Other categories for more distant kin (such as niece/nephew) and non-relatives (such as domestic servant) are only sometimes available.

Comparability - Standard DHS

HHRELATE (HV101) is included in Phase II forward of the standard DHS household questionnaire.


No universe descriptions are currently available.
  • Afghanistan: 2015-H
  • Angola: 2015-H
  • Bangladesh: 1994-H, 1997-H, 2000-H, 2004-H, 2007-H, 2011-H, 2014-H
  • Benin: 1996-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2017-H
  • Burkina Faso: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2010-H
  • Burundi: 2010-H, 2016-H
  • Cameroon: 1991-H, 1998-H, 2004-H, 2011-H, 2018-H
  • Central African Republic: 1995-H
  • Chad: 1996-H, 2004-H, 2014-H
  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2007-H, 2013-H
  • Congo Brazzaville: 2005-H, 2011-H
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 1994-H, 1998-H, 2011-H
  • Egypt: 1992-H, 1995-H, 2000-H, 2003-H, 2005-H, 2008-H, 2014-H
  • Eswatini (Swaziland): 2006-H
  • Ethiopia: 2000-H, 2005-H, 2011-H, 2016-H, 2019-H
  • Ghana: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2014-H, 2016-H
  • Guinea: 1999-H, 2005-H, 2012-H, 2018-H
  • India: 1992-H, 1998-H, 2005-H, 2015-H
  • Jordan: 1997-H, 2002-H, 2007-H, 2009-H, 2012-H, 2017-H
  • Kenya: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2014-H
  • Lesotho: 2004-H, 2009-H, 2014-H
  • Liberia: 2007-H, 2013-H
  • Madagascar: 1992-H, 1997-H, 2003-H, 2008-H
  • Malawi: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2004-H, 2010-H, 2016-H
  • Mali: 1995-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2012-H, 2018-H
  • Morocco: 1992-H, 2003-H
  • Mozambique: 1997-H, 2003-H, 2011-H
  • Myanmar: 2015-H
  • Namibia: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2006-H, 2013-H
  • Nepal: 1996-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2016-H
  • Niger: 1992-H, 1998-H, 2006-H, 2012-H
  • Nigeria: 1990-H, 1999-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2013-H, 2018-H
  • Pakistan: 1991-H, 2006-H, 2012-H, 2017-H
  • Rwanda: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2005-H, 2008-H, 2010-H, 2014-H
  • Senegal: 1992-H, 1997-H, 2005-H, 2010-H, 2012-H, 2014-H, 2015-H, 2016-H, 2017-H
  • South Africa: 1998-H, 2016-H
  • Tanzania: 1991-H, 1996-H, 1999-H, 2004-H, 2010-H, 2015-H
  • Togo: 1998-H, 2013-H
  • Uganda: 1995-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2016-H
  • Yemen: 1991-H, 2013-H
  • Zambia: 1992-H, 1996-H, 2001-H, 2007-H, 2013-H, 2018-H
  • Zimbabwe: 1994-H, 1999-H, 2005-H, 2010-H, 2015-H