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Household sample weight (6 decimals)

HHWEIGHT (HV005) is an 8-digit numeric variable with 6 implied decimal places.


HHWEIGHT (HV005) is an 8-digit numeric variable, which should be used as a weighting factor to produce representative numbers accurately describing the surveyed population, when household members are the unit of analysis.

Comparability — Index



HHWEIGHT (HV005) has no comparability problems, except for the samples discussed below.

Comparability - Standard DHS

HHWEIGHT (HV005) is included as a standard variable in the standard DHS recode for Phase II forward.


No universe descriptions are currently available.
  • Afghanistan: 2015-H
  • Angola: 2015-H
  • Bangladesh: 1994-H, 1997-H, 2000-H, 2004-H, 2007-H, 2011-H, 2014-H
  • Benin: 1996-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2017-H
  • Burkina Faso: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2010-H
  • Burundi: 2010-H, 2016-H
  • Cameroon: 1991-H, 1998-H, 2004-H, 2011-H, 2018-H
  • Central African Republic: 1995-H
  • Chad: 1996-H, 2004-H, 2014-H
  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2007-H, 2013-H
  • Congo Brazzaville: 2005-H, 2011-H
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 1994-H, 1998-H, 2011-H
  • Egypt: 1992-H, 1995-H, 2000-H, 2003-H, 2005-H, 2008-H, 2014-H
  • Eswatini (Swaziland): 2006-H
  • Ethiopia: 2000-H, 2005-H, 2011-H, 2016-H, 2019-H
  • Ghana: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2014-H, 2016-H
  • Guinea: 1999-H, 2005-H, 2012-H, 2018-H
  • India: 1992-H, 1998-H, 2005-H, 2015-H
  • Jordan: 1990-H, 1997-H, 2002-H, 2007-H, 2009-H, 2012-H, 2017-H
  • Kenya: 1993-H, 1998-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2014-H
  • Lesotho: 2004-H, 2009-H, 2014-H
  • Liberia: 2007-H, 2013-H
  • Madagascar: 1992-H, 1997-H, 2003-H, 2008-H
  • Malawi: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2004-H, 2010-H, 2016-H
  • Mali: 1995-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2012-H, 2018-H
  • Morocco: 1992-H, 2003-H
  • Mozambique: 1997-H, 2003-H, 2011-H
  • Myanmar: 2015-H
  • Namibia: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2006-H, 2013-H
  • Nepal: 1996-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2016-H
  • Niger: 1992-H, 1998-H, 2006-H, 2012-H
  • Nigeria: 1990-H, 1999-H, 2003-H, 2008-H, 2013-H, 2018-H
  • Pakistan: 1991-H, 2006-H, 2012-H, 2017-H
  • Rwanda: 1992-H, 2000-H, 2005-H, 2008-H, 2010-H, 2014-H
  • Senegal: 1992-H, 1997-H, 2005-H, 2010-H, 2012-H, 2014-H, 2015-H, 2016-H, 2017-H
  • South Africa: 1998-H, 2016-H
  • Tanzania: 1991-H, 1996-H, 1999-H, 2004-H, 2010-H, 2015-H
  • Togo: 1998-H, 2013-H
  • Uganda: 1995-H, 2001-H, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2016-H
  • Yemen: 1991-H, 2013-H
  • Zambia: 1992-H, 1996-H, 2001-H, 2007-H, 2013-H, 2018-H
  • Zimbabwe: 1994-H, 1999-H, 2005-H, 2010-H, 2015-H