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Husband's desired number of children (for female respondent)

Codes and Frequencies

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IDEALKIDHUS reports how many children the female respondent believes her male partner would ideally like her to have (without regard to the number of children she actually has).

Note that IDEALKIDHUS is a guess on the part of the woman respondent, not a direct response from her partner. In addition, the question asks how many children the husband would like the female respondent to have, not the total number of children he would like to sire, and thus disregards childbearing by earlier or other female partners.


IDEALKIDHUS has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

IDEALKIDHUS is a country-specific variable not included in the standard DHS questionnaire.


  • Yemen 1991: Ever-married women age 15-54 who are currently married
  • Yemen: 1991-W, 1991-C, 1991-B