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Reason for reported ideal number of children

Codes and Frequencies

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IDEALKIDNOWHY reports the rationale for why the female respondent chose the number of children she considers ideal.


IDEALKIDNOWHY has no comparability problems. IPUMS DHS uses composite code for this variable, in which similar responses share a common first digit (e.g., "Financial reasons" begin with code "1"), while the second digit provides additional detail (e.g., "Help with work" is code "12").

Comparability - Standard DHS

IDEALKIDNOWHY is a country-specific variable not included in the standard DHS women's questionnaire in any phase.


  • Chad 1996: Women age 15-49 who gave a numeric response for their ideal number of children.
  • Chad: 1996-W, 1996-C, 1996-B