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Age started living with first husband

Codes and Frequencies

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For women who have been married more than once, MAR1STAGELIV reports the woman's age at the time she started living with her first husband.

The related variable MARCON1STAGE reports the woman's age at the time of her first marriage contract.

For a more inclusive, standard variable, see AGEFRSTMAR, which reports all ever-married women's ages at the time of their first marriage or union.

Comparability — Index



MAR1STAGELIV has no comparability problems.

Comparability - Standard DHS

MAR1STAGELIV is a country-specific variable is not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — India [top]

The 1992 India survey includes "Gauna did not take place" as a response option. Gauna is a custom in northern India, associated with child marriage. Between the marriage contract and the Gauna ceremony, the bride stays at her natal home, and the marriage is not yet consummated.


  • India 1992: Ever-married women age 13-49 who have been married more than once.
  • India: 1992-C, 1992-B, 1992-W