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Net designation number for 3rd net person slept under last night


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


For household members who slept under at least three bed nets the previous night, MLNETSLEPT3 (HML15) reports the net designation number (MLNETINDX (HMLIDX)) of the third net the person slept under the previous night.


Apart from universe differences and slight differences in question wording, MLNETSLEPT3 (HML15) is comparable across samples.

Comparability - Standard DHS

MLNETSLEPT3 (HML15) is included as a standard variable in Phase V forward of the standard DHS questionnaire.


No universe descriptions are currently available.
  • Angola: 2015-H
  • Benin: 2006-H, 2011-H, 2017-H
  • Ghana: 2014-H
  • Guinea: 2018-H
  • Mali: 2012-H, 2018-H
  • Niger: 2012-H
  • Nigeria: 2003-H, 2013-H
  • Rwanda: 2014-H
  • Senegal: 2010-H, 2012-H, 2014-H, 2015-H, 2016-H, 2017-H
  • Tanzania: 2010-H
  • Zambia: 2018-H
  • Zimbabwe: 2010-H, 2015-H