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TB spread by: Dirty water/food or poor hygiene

Codes and Frequencies

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TBSPREDIRT indicates whether, in response to an open-ended question, the respondent reported that tuberculosis spreads through dirty food/water or poor hygiene.

Comparability — Index



Apart from slight differences in question wording, TBSPREDIRT is largely comparable across samples.

Comparability - Standard DHS

An open-ended question about how tuberculosis spreads is included in Phase V of the standard DHS questionnaire. TBSPREDIRT is a country-specific response.

Comparability — Jordan [top]

The 2007 Jordan sample includes "Drinking dirty water" as a write-in response category. The 2012 Jordan sample includes "Water and food pollution and lack of hygiene" as a write-in response category.


  • Jordan 2007: Ever-married women age 15-49.
  • Jordan 2012: Ever-married women age 15-49.
  • Jordan: 2007-W, 2007-C, 2007-B, 2007-W, 2012-W, 2012-C, 2012-B, 2012-W