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Child received measles (or measles containing) 1 vaccination


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


For children born in the 3 to 5 years before the survey, VACMEAS1 (H9) indicates whether the child has received the first in a series of measles (or measles-containing) vaccinations.

The measles vaccination primary series usually consists of either 1 or 2 administrations, and the complementary variable VACMEAS2 (H9A) reports the second administration.

VACMEAS1 uses composite coding, with a first digit of 2 indicating the child has been vaccinated and the second digit indicating the source of information (a dated entry on the vaccination card, an undated mark on the vaccination card, or the mother's report).

Comparability — Index



Apart from universe differences and slight differences in question wording, VACMEAS1 (H9) is largely comparable across samples.

The type, timing, and number of doses in recommended measles vaccination primary series have varied between nations and across years. Knowledge of the recommended regimen in the region and year of interest may be required to determine whether, for example, one dose constituted a full measles vaccination series. For more information on these recommendations, refer to "WHO Vaccination Schedules and Updates."

In some countries and years, measles vaccinations were administered in combination with other vaccines. The most common example is the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. VACMEAS1 refers to measles as an individual vaccination or as a measles-containing vaccine, with no information about what other vaccines may be included; the variable does not include responses indicating receipt of the first measles vaccination in combination with another named vaccine. See country-specific comparability (below) for more information.

Comparability - Standard DHS

VACMEAS1 (H9) is included in the standard DHS questionnaire beginning in Phase I.

In Phase I, respondents are asked to show a health card with immunization records for their children. For this phase, the health card is the only source of information for the vaccine variables. Beginning in Phase II, if a health card is not available, or if the respondent indicates the child received additional vaccines not recorded on the card, follow-up questions are asked to determine which vaccinations the child received.

To maximize comparability, researchers using data from samples relying exclusively on vaccination cards should focus only on positive cases based on dated entries in the vaccination card (code "22") in later samples.


No universe descriptions are currently available.
  • Afghanistan: 2015-C
  • Angola: 2015-C
  • Bangladesh: 1994-C, 1997-C, 2000-C, 2004-C, 2007-C, 2011-C, 2014-C
  • Benin: 1996-C, 2001-C, 2006-C, 2011-C, 2017-C
  • Burkina Faso: 1993-C, 1998-C, 2003-C, 2010-C
  • Burundi: 1987-C, 2010-C, 2016-C
  • Cameroon: 1991-C, 1998-C, 2004-C, 2011-C, 2018-C
  • Central African Republic: 1995-C
  • Chad: 1996-C, 2004-C, 2014-C
  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2007-C, 2013-C
  • Congo Brazzaville: 2005-C, 2011-C
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 1994-C, 1998-C, 2011-C
  • Egypt: 1988-C, 1992-C, 1995-C, 2000-C, 2003-C, 2005-C, 2008-C, 2014-C
  • Eswatini (Swaziland): 2006-C
  • Ethiopia: 2000-C, 2005-C, 2011-C, 2016-C, 2019-C
  • Ghana: 1988-C, 1993-C, 1998-C, 2003-C, 2008-C, 2014-C
  • Guinea: 1999-C, 2005-C, 2012-C
  • India: 1992-C, 1998-C, 2005-C, 2015-C
  • Jordan: 1990-C, 1997-C, 2002-C, 2007-C, 2012-C
  • Kenya: 1989-C, 1993-C, 1998-C, 2003-C, 2008-C, 2014-C
  • Lesotho: 2004-C, 2009-C, 2014-C
  • Liberia: 1986-C, 2007-C, 2013-C
  • Madagascar: 1992-C, 1997-C, 2003-C, 2008-C
  • Malawi: 1992-C, 2000-C, 2004-C, 2010-C, 2016-C
  • Mali: 1987-C, 1995-C, 2001-C, 2006-C, 2012-C, 2018-C
  • Morocco: 1987-C, 1992-C, 2003-C
  • Mozambique: 1997-C, 2003-C, 2011-C
  • Myanmar: 2015-C
  • Namibia: 1992-C, 2000-C, 2006-C, 2013-C
  • Nepal: 1996-C, 2001-C, 2006-C, 2011-C
  • Niger: 1992-C, 1998-C, 2006-C, 2012-C
  • Nigeria: 1990-C, 1999-C, 2003-C, 2008-C, 2013-C, 2018-C
  • Pakistan: 1991-C, 2006-C, 2012-C, 2017-C
  • Rwanda: 1992-C, 2000-C, 2005-C, 2008-C, 2010-C, 2014-C
  • Senegal: 1986-C, 1992-C, 2005-C, 2010-C, 2012-C, 2014-C, 2015-C, 2016-C
  • South Africa: 1998-C, 2016-C
  • Sri Lanka: 1987-C
  • Sudan: 1989-C
  • Tanzania: 1991-C, 1996-C, 1999-C, 2004-C, 2010-C, 2015-C
  • Togo: 1998-C, 2013-C
  • Tunisia: 1988-C
  • Uganda: 1988-C, 1995-C, 2001-C, 2006-C, 2011-C, 2016-C
  • Yemen: 1991-C, 2013-C
  • Zambia: 1992-C, 1996-C, 2001-C, 2007-C, 2013-C, 2018-C
  • Zimbabwe: 1988-C, 1994-C, 1999-C, 2005-C, 2010-C, 2015-C