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GEO_YE1991 (V101_YE1991)
Yemen regions, 1991 [GIS]

Codes and Frequencies

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GEO_YE1991 (V101_YE1991) indicates the region of Yemen where the respondent was interviewed. DHS regions in the 1991 Yemen survey are broad regions that are combined to form two geographical units.

Other sample years have their own sample-specific geography variables.

A GIS map for GEO_YE1991 (in shapefile format) can be downloaded from the DHS Program Spatial Data Repository Boundaries page.


There is no integrated variable for Yemen because regional boundaries from 1991 do not match the 2013 governorates. Note that governorates from 1991 Yemen can be found in the variable SGOVERN, however the survey is not representative at the governorate level.

GEO_YE1991 (V101_YE1991) is a country- and sample-specific variable and has no comparability issues.

Comparability - Standard DHS

GEO_YE1991, like other V101 variables, is a geographic variable added during processing of the DHS data. V101 is included in all Phases of the DHS.


  • Yemen 1991: Ever-married women age 15-54.
  • Yemen: 1991-B, 1991-W, 1991-H, 1991-C