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Ethnicity, India (detailed)

ETHNICITYIA3 is a 4-digit numeric variable.

ETHNICITYIA3 codes and labels can be found here.


ETHNICITYIA3 is a variable specific to India that reports responses to a question about the woman's caste or tribe.

The related variable ETHNICITYIA (V131IA) reports the respondent's ethnicity in less detail.


ETHNICITYIA3 varies across samples in the number and specific types of ethnic groups reported. See the Codes and Frequencies tab for details.

Comparability - Standard DHS

ETHNICITY (V131) is a country-specific variable included in the standard DHS questionnaire for Phase 2 forward, with no standard wording or response categories.


  • India 1992: Ever-married women age 13-49.
  • India: 1992-W, 1992-C, 1992-B