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Number of exotic cattle owned by HH

Codes and Frequencies

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EXOTICCTNUM reports the number of "exotic" or "cross-(bred)" or "grade" cattle owned by the household. The "exotic" descriptor distinguishes imported breeds of cattle from "traditional," "local," or "indigenous" breeds of cattle, reported for some surveys in CATTLENUM. Ownership of dairy cattle is also documented in COWBULLNUM.

The complementary variable EXOTICCTYN indicates whether the household owns any such "exotic" cows or bulls.

The information in EXOTICCTNUM is taken from the household record and applies to regular household residents, not temporary visitors. Researchers may wish to exclude visitors using the RESIDENT variable when women, children, or births are the unit of analysis, and using the HHRESIDENT variable when household members are the unit of analysis.

Comparability — Index



Apart from slight differences in question wording, EXOTICCTNUM is largely comparable across samples.

Comparability - Standard DHS

EXOTICCTNUM is a country-specific household variable, and it is not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — Kenya [top]

The 2014 Kenya survey asks about the ownership of "exotic/grade cattle."

Comparability — Uganda [top]

The 2006 and 2011 Uganda surveys ask about the ownership of "exotic/cross cattle." In Uganda, the term "exotic cattle" refers to dairy breeds, such as Jersey, Guernsey, and Friesian cattle originally bred in Northern Europe.

Comparability — Zambia [top]

The 2007 Zambia survey asks about ownership of "dairy cattle." Breeds of dairy cattle in Zambia include Jersey, Fleckvieh, and Holstein Friesian cattle.


  • Kenya 2014: All women age 15-49.
  • Uganda 2006: All women age 15-49.
  • Uganda 2011: All women age 15-49.
  • Uganda 2016: All women age 15-49.
  • Zambia 2007: All women age 15-49.
  • Kenya: 2014-M, 2014-B, 2014-C, 2014-H, 2014-W, 2014-W
  • Uganda: 2006-B, 2006-C, 2006-M, 2006-W, 2006-W, 2006-H, 2011-H, 2011-W, 2011-C, 2011-W, 2011-M, 2011-B, 2016-W, 2016-C, 2016-B, 2016-M, 2016-H, 2016-W
  • Zambia: 2007-B, 2007-W, 2007-H, 2007-W, 2007-M, 2007-C