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Woman's employer type
Group: Work

Codes and Frequencies

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WKEMPLTYPE reports the type of employer for whom the respondent works.

Comparability — Index



In addition to universe differences and variations in question wording, WKEMPLTYPE includes different response categories. IPUMS-DHS maximizes comparability by using composite coding, with the first digit distinguishing between "government," "other public sector," and "private sector" work, and the second digit distinguishing between types of private sector employment (e.g., code "32" for "family members").

Comparability - Standard DHS

WKEMPLTYPE is a country-specific variable not included in any phase of the standard DHS questionnaire.

Comparability — Tanzania [top]

As a follow-up to WHOWORKFOR, the 1996 Tanzania survey asks, "You told me that you (also) work for someone else. Do you work for the government, for a private business, or a semi-government (parastatal) organization, or for family/friend?"


  • Mozambique 2003: Women age 15-49 who are currently working or have worked in the last 12 months who are/did not work in agriculture.
  • Tanzania 1996: Women age 15-49 who are currently working for money for someone else.
  • Mozambique: 2003-C, 2003-B, 2003-W
  • Tanzania: 1996-C, 1996-B, 1996-W