Livelihood zone legend

Livelihood zones from IPUMS-DHS are 6-digit numbers. The first 3 digits are the 3-digit ISO country code (e.g., 231 for Ethiopia), and the last 3 digits are the livelihood zone number for the respective country. Livelihood zone numbers from Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET) begin with a 2-character country code (e.g., ET for Ethiopia). IPUMS-DHS replaces the 2-character country code with its respective 3-digit ISO country code.

The following table shows the complete list of livelihood zones, sorted by country

To download the legend in .csv format, click here

Original livelihood zone code Livelihood zone name IPUMS-DHS code Country
AF01Eastern Pastoral and Forest Zone004001Afghanistan
AF02Eastern Agro-Pastoral and Forest Zone004002Afghanistan
AF03Eastern Agro-Pastoral and Rangeland Zone004003Afghanistan
AF04Eastern Semi-Arid Agricultural Zone004004Afghanistan
AF05Eastern Agricultural and Labor-Based Zone004005Afghanistan
AF06Eastern Intensively Irrigated Zone004006Afghanistan
AF07Eastern Cross-Border Trade and Labor-Based Zone004007Afghanistan
AF08Eastern Irrigated and Rainfed Agricultural Zone004008Afghanistan
AF09East-Central Irrigated Zone004009Afghanistan
AF10Southern Intensively Irrigated Cash Crop Zone004010Afghanistan
AF11Southern Semi-Arid Agro-Pastoral Zone004011Afghanistan
AF12South-Central Agro-Pastoral and Labor-Based Zone004012Afghanistan
AF13Southern Desert Zone004013Afghanistan
AF14South-Central Agro-Pastoral Zone004014Afghanistan
AF15North-Western Agro-Pastoral and Pistachio Zone004015Afghanistan
AF16Western Intensively Irrigated Zone004016Afghanistan
AF17Western Semi-Arid Agro-Pastoral Zone004017Afghanistan
AF18West-Central Highland Agro-Pastoral Zone004018Afghanistan
AF19Western and Southern Cross-Border Trade and Labor Zone004019Afghanistan
AF20North-Eastern Highland Agro-Pastoral Zone004020Afghanistan
AF21Salangi Plains Mixed Farming Zone004021Afghanistan
AF22Northern Lowland Cereals and Livestock Zone004022Afghanistan
AF23Northern High Cereals Production Zone004023Afghanistan
AF24North-Central Agro-Pastoral Zone004024Afghanistan
AF25Northern Irrigated and Rainfed Mixed Farming Zone004025Afghanistan
AF26Northern Intensively Irrigated Agricultural Zone004026Afghanistan
AF27Amo River Irrigation and Cross-Border Trade Zone004027Afghanistan
AF28East-Central Agro-Forestry Zone004028Afghanistan
AF29Central Cash-Crop and Livestock Zone004029Afghanistan
AO01Coastal fishing, horticulture, and non-farm income024001Angola
AO02Transitional banana and pineapple farming024002Angola
AO03Southern livestock, millet, and sorghum024003Angola
AO04Sub humid livestock and maize024004Angola
AO05Mid-eastern cassava and savannah forest024005Angola
AO06Central highlands potato and vegetables024006Angola
AO07Central highlands maize and beans024007Angola
AO08Transitional lowland maize, cassava, and beans024008Angola
AO09Tropical forest, cassava, banana, and coffee024009Angola
AO10Savannah forest and market-oriented cassava024010Angola
AO11Savannah forest and subsistence cassava024011Angola
AO12Fishing, cassava, and cross-border trade024012Angola
AO13Coastal livestock ranching024013Angola
BF01South tubers and cereals854001Burkina Faso
BF02Southwest fruits, cotton, and cereals854002Burkina Faso
BF03West cotton and cereals854003Burkina Faso
BF04West cereals and remittances854004Burkina Faso
BF05Central plateau cereals and market gardening854005Burkina Faso
BF06Ouagadougou peri-urban854006Burkina Faso
BF07North and east livestock and cereals854007Burkina Faso
BF08North transhumant pastoralism and millet854008Burkina Faso
BF09Southeast cereals, livestock, forestry and faune854009Burkina Faso
BI02Congo Ridge Millet108002Burundi
BI03Eastern Lowlands108003Burundi
BI04Northern Lowlands108004Burundi
BI05Northern Highlands108005Burundi
BI06Southern Highlands108006Burundi
BI07Imbo Plain108007Burundi
BI08Humid Plateaus108008Burundi
BI09Eastern Arid Plateaus108009Burundi
CD01Copperbelt and Marginal Agriculture180001DR Congo
CD02Savannah Manioc180002DR Congo
CD03Savannah Surplus Maize180003DR Congo
CD04Kamalondo Depression180004DR Congo
CD05Southern Tanganyika-Mwero Fishing180005DR Congo
CD06Maniema Savannah Agriculture180006DR Congo
CD07High Food Production and Surplus Trade180007DR Congo
CD08Northern Tanganyika Midland Agriculture180008DR Congo
CD09Agropastoral Mountains180009DR Congo
CD10Midland Agricultural Savannah180010DR Congo
CD11Rutshuru Volcanic Soils and Agriculture180011DR Congo
CD12Forest Cultivation and Products180012DR Congo
CD13Artisanal Mining with Agriculture180013DR Congo
CD14Northeast Highlands Agriculture180014DR Congo
CD15Orientale Fishing with Agriculture180015DR Congo
CD16Northern Plateau Cassava, Maize, Groundnuts and Beans180016DR Congo
CD17Bumba Rice and Tubers180017DR Congo
CD18Bomongo and Makanza Districts Intensive Fishing180018DR Congo
CD19Fishing and Staples Riverine180019DR Congo
CD20Cuvette Centrale Staple Crops, Fishing and Charcoal180020DR Congo
CD21Equatorial Forest, Hunting, Fishing and Staple Crops180021DR Congo
CD22Lighter Forest with Rice and Cassava180022DR Congo
CD23Savannah with Cassava and Cowpeas and Small Livestock180023DR Congo
CD24High Food Crop Production and Trading180024DR Congo
CD25Intensive Artisanal Diamond Exploitation with Crop Cultivation180025DR Congo
CD26Clay Soils with High Production of Cassava and Maize, and Cattle180026DR Congo
CD27Agropastoral - Staple Crops, Small Stock and Cattle and Wild Foods180027DR Congo
CD28Agriculture with High Production and Marketing180028DR Congo
CD29Cassava, Maize and Groundnuts180029DR Congo
CD30Market Gardening and Staple Crops180030DR Congo
CD31River Fishing and Staple Crops180031DR Congo
CD32Coastal Ocean Fishing and Kitchen Gardening180032DR Congo
CD33Forest - Staple Crops, Cash Crops and Market Gardening180033DR Congo
CD34Kinshasa Peri-urban180034DR Congo
CF01Southeast cassava, peanuts, and maize140001Central African Rep.
CF02Northeast hunting and food crops140002Central African Rep.
CF03Northern sorghum and millet140003Central African Rep.
CF04East central mining, cassava, and peanuts140004Central African Rep.
CF05Southern coffee, cassava, and maize140005Central African Rep.
CF06Central cassava, peanuts, and maize140006Central African Rep.
CF07Central cotton, cassava, and maize140007Central African Rep.
CF08Northern cotton, cassava, and sorghum140008Central African Rep.
CF09Western cassava, maize, and peanuts140009Central African Rep.
CF10Southern maize, citrus fruits, and vegetables140010Central African Rep.
CF11Southwest cassava, coffee, gathering, and mining140011Central African Rep.
DJ01Northwest Pastoral262001Djibouti
DJ02ACentral Pastoral - Lowland262002Djibouti
DJ02BCentral Pastoral - Highland262002Djibouti
DJ03ASoutheast Pastoral - Roadside262003Djibouti
DJ03BSoutheast Pastoral - Border262003Djibouti
DJ04Market Gardening262004Djibouti
DJ05Djibouti City262005Djibouti
ET01Addis Ababa City231001Ethiopia
ET02Asale Agropastoral231002Ethiopia
ET03Awsa-Gewane Agropastoral231003Ethiopia
ET04Aramiss - Adaar Pastoral231004Ethiopia
ET05Asale Pastoral231005Ethiopia
ET06Chenno Agropastoral231006Ethiopia
ET07Eli daar Pastoral231007Ethiopia
ET08Namalefan & Baadu Pastoral231008Ethiopia
ET09Teru Pastoral231009Ethiopia
ET10Abay Beshilo River Basin231010Ethiopia
ET100Wellega-Dedo Highland Wheat & Barley231100Ethiopia
ET101Wuchale-Abichu-Kembebit Livestock, 'Wild Oats' & Barley/Wheat231101Ethiopia
ET102Wellega Coffee, Maize & Sorghum231102Ethiopia
ET103Amaro Coffee and Enset LZ231103Ethiopia
ET104Awassa Chat and Enset LZ231104Ethiopia
ET105Alaba-Mareko Lowland Pepper LZ231105Ethiopia
ET106Badewacho-Alaba Maize LZ231106Ethiopia
ET107Bilate Basin Agro-Pastoral LZ231107Ethiopia
ET108Bench-Keffa Cereal and Enset LZ231108Ethiopia
ET109Basketo-Melo Coffee and Root Crop LZ231109Ethiopia
ET11Abay Tekeze Watershed231011Ethiopia
ET110Dawro-Konta Maize and Root Crop LZ231110Ethiopia
ET111Western Coffee and Spices LZ - Eastern sub-zone231111Ethiopia
ET112Gedeo Coffee LZ231112Ethiopia
ET113Gurage-Siltie Highland Enset and Barley LZ231113Ethiopia
ET114Gurage-Siltie Midland Enset and Chat LZ231114Ethiopia
ET115Gurage-Siltie Enset and Teff LZ231115Ethiopia
ET116Gamo Gofa Enset and Barley LZ231116Ethiopia
ET117Gurage Lowland Maize and Teff LZ231117Ethiopia
ET118Gamo Gofa Maize and Root Crop LZ231118Ethiopia
ET119Hadero Ginger LZ231119Ethiopia
ET12Central Highland Barley & Potato231012Ethiopia
ET120Hadiya Maize LZ231120Ethiopia
ET121Hadiya-Kembata Cereal and Enset LZ - Hadiya sub zone231121Ethiopia
ET122Chamo-Abaya Irrigated Banana LZ231122Ethiopia
ET123Kedida-Badewacho Coffee LZ231123Ethiopia
ET124Hadiya-Kembata Cereal and Enset LZ - Kembata sub-zone231124Ethiopia
ET125Kaffa Cereal and Enset LZ231125Ethiopia
ET126Southern Special Woredas Lowland Cereal LZ231126Ethiopia
ET127Omo River Flood Recession LZ231127Ethiopia
ET128Omo Valley Maize and Sorghum LZ231128Ethiopia
ET13Cheffa valley231013Ethiopia
ET130Southern Cereal, Enset and Root Crop LZ231130Ethiopia
ET131Sidama Coffee LZ231131Ethiopia
ET132Surma Agro-Pastoral LZ231132Ethiopia
ET133Sidama-Gedeo Highland Enset and Barley LZ231133Ethiopia
ET134Sidama Maize Belt LZ231134Ethiopia
ET135Southern Agro-Pastoral Livelihood Zone231135Ethiopia
ET136South Omo Crop LZ231136Ethiopia
ET137South Omo Pastoral LZ231137Ethiopia
ET138Salamago Pastoral LZ231138Ethiopia
ET139Sheka Cereal and Enset LZ231139Ethiopia
ET14Guna Highland231014Ethiopia
ET140Wolayita Ginger and Coffee LZ231140Ethiopia
ET141Western Coffee and Spices LZ - Western sub-zone231141Ethiopia
ET142Western Forest Products LZ231142Ethiopia
ET143Wolayita Maize and Root Crop LZ231143Ethiopia
ET144Wolayita Barley and Wheat LZ231144Ethiopia
ET145Yem Cereal and Enset LZ231145Ethiopia
ET146Afder Pastoral231146Ethiopia
ET147Degahbur Agropastoral231147Ethiopia
ET148Dawa-Ganale Riverine231148Ethiopia
ET149Filtu-Dolo Pastoral231149Ethiopia
ET15Merhabete Lowland Sorghum and teff231015Ethiopia
ET150Fik Pastoral231150Ethiopia
ET151Gode Agropastoral231151Ethiopia
ET152Harshin-Degahbur East Pastoral231152Ethiopia
ET153Jijiga Agropastoral231153Ethiopia
ET154Jijiga Sedentary Farming231154Ethiopia
ET155Korahe Agropastoral231155Ethiopia
ET156Korahe-Gode Pastoral231156Ethiopia
ET157Liban Agropastoral231157Ethiopia
ET158Lowland-Hawd Pastoral231158Ethiopia
ET159Moyale-Wayamo Pastoral231159Ethiopia
ET16Minjar teff and livestock231016Ethiopia
ET160No Data231160Ethiopia
ET161Shinile Agropastoral231161Ethiopia
ET162Shinile Pastoral231162Ethiopia
ET163Shabelle Riverine231163Ethiopia
ET164Adiyabo Lowland231164Ethiopia
ET165Alaje Ofla Highland231165Ethiopia
ET166Atsbi Womberta Highland231166Ethiopia
ET167Central Mixed Crop231167Ethiopia
ET168Enderta Dry Midland231168Ethiopia
ET169Eastern Planteau231169Ethiopia
ET17Minjar teff and sorghum231017Ethiopia
ET170Gesho and Wheat Highland231170Ethiopia
ET171Humera Sesame and Sorghum231171Ethiopia
ET172Irob Mountains231172Ethiopia
ET173Mereb Basin231173Ethiopia
ET174Middle Tekeze231174Ethiopia
ET175Raya Valley231175Ethiopia
ET176Tsirare Catchment231176Ethiopia
ET177West Central Teff231177Ethiopia
ET178Werie Catchment231178Ethiopia
ET179Western Cereal and Sesame231179Ethiopia
ET18North Wollo Highland Belg231018Ethiopia
ET19North East Woyna Dega Mixed Cereal231019Ethiopia
ET20North Shewa highland sheep and barley231020Ethiopia
ET21North Shewa Highland Wheat and Teff productive231021Ethiopia
ET22N Highland wheat, Barley & Sheep231022Ethiopia
ET23NorthWest Cash Crop231023Ethiopia
ET24North Wollo East Plain231024Ethiopia
ET25NorthWest Sorghum Belt231025Ethiopia
ET26South Wollo Meher231026Ethiopia
ET27South Wollo Belg231027Ethiopia
ET28South West Maize, Finger Millet and Teff productive231028Ethiopia
ET29South Wollo & Oromia Eastern lowland sorghum & cattle231029Ethiopia
ET30South East Woyna Dega Teff231030Ethiopia
ET31South West Woyna Dega wheat231031Ethiopia
ET32Tekeze Lowland Sorghum and Goats231032Ethiopia
ET33Tana Zuria231033Ethiopia
ET34South Wollo Meher and Belg231034Ethiopia
ET35Central Kolla Sorghum, Maize & Millet231035Ethiopia
ET36Midland Teff & Coffee231036Ethiopia
ET37Western Dry Kolla Sorghum, Maize & Mining231037Ethiopia
ET38Meketel Highland Cereal & Pulses231038Ethiopia
ET39Gambella Agropastoral231039Ethiopia
ET40Gambella Coffee, Honey & Cereal LZ231040Ethiopia
ET41Gambella Mixed Agriculture231041Ethiopia
ET42No Data231042Ethiopia
ET43Arsi Bale Wheat, Barley & Potato231043Ethiopia
ET44Anfilo Coffee Monoculture & Honey231044Ethiopia
ET45Abe Dongoro-Diga-Sasiga Coffee & Sorghum231045Ethiopia
ET46Adaba Dodola Community Forest231046Ethiopia
ET47Agarfa, Gasera, Ginir & Gololcha Fruit, Coffee & Chat231047Ethiopia
ET48Ambo Selale Ginderberet Teff & Wheat231048Ethiopia
ET49Abijata Shala Jido Agro-Pastoral231049Ethiopia
ET50Abay Gorge Sesame, Maize & Honey231050Ethiopia
ET51Ameya-Wolisso-Ambo Teff & Cattle231051Ethiopia
ET52Becho-Adea Teff & Chickpea231052Ethiopia
ET53Borena-Guji Maize, Wheat & Livestock231053Ethiopia
ET54Borena-Guji Coffee & Enset231054Ethiopia
ET55Borena-Guji Cattle Pastoralist231055Ethiopia
ET56Bale Agro-Pastoral231056Ethiopia
ET57Bale Pastoralist231057Ethiopia
ET58Chercher & Gololcha Chole Coffee, Maize & Chat231058Ethiopia
ET59Central Horo Teff, Nug & Cattle231059Ethiopia
ET60Chebo-Inchini Enset, Barley & Cattle231060Ethiopia
ET61Chat & Vegetables231061Ethiopia
ET62Dallo, Barbare & Arana-Buluk Coffee231062Ethiopia
ET63Dale-Lalo Sorghum & Maize231063Ethiopia
ET64Didessa-Gibe-Wama Valley Sorghum, Maize & Oilcrops231064Ethiopia
ET65Ebantu-Limu Teff & Cattle231065Ethiopia
ET66Guduru-Amuru Maize, Teff & Cattle231066Ethiopia
ET67Guji-Borena Enset, Barley & Cattle231067Ethiopia
ET68Gerbo Enset & Chat231068Ethiopia
ET69Gursum-Babile Groundnuts & Sorghum231069Ethiopia
ET70Gera-Setema-Sale Forest Teff, Honey & Cattle231070Ethiopia
ET71Gibe Maize & Peppers231071Ethiopia
ET72Goro-Ginir Spice & Wheat231072Ethiopia
ET73Anger Maize, Sorghum & Finger Millet231073Ethiopia
ET74Illu-Wellega-Birbir Maize, Peppers & Sesame231074Ethiopia
ET75Jimma-Illubabur Coffee, Cereals & Chat231075Ethiopia
ET76Jaldu-Dendi-Ilfata Barley & Potato231076Ethiopia
ET77Jimma-Yama Logi Teff & Maize231077Ethiopia
ET78Kofele Kokosa Enset & Cattle Belt231078Ethiopia
ET79Muger-Abay-Jema Sorghum & Teff Belt231079Ethiopia
ET80Melka Awash-Ochocha Mid-Highland Wheat & Teff231080Ethiopia
ET81Moyale Agro-Pastoral, Labour & Cross-Border Trade231081Ethiopia
ET82Moyale Cattle, Shoats & Camel Pastoralist231082Ethiopia
ET83Market-Isolated Cattle & Shoat Pastoralist231083Ethiopia
ET84Kereyu Pastoral231084Ethiopia
ET85Mendi-Dabisu Maize, Sesame & Cattle231085Ethiopia
ET86North-East Agro-Pastoral231086Ethiopia
ET87Nadda-Gilgel Gibe Maize, Teff and Sorghum231087Ethiopia
ET88Nole-Meko-Diga Teff & Cattle231088Ethiopia
ET89Nejo-Dilla Teff, Finger Millet & Nug231089Ethiopia
ET90Southern Agro-Pastoral231090Ethiopia
ET91Keto-Begi Cereals & Cattle231091Ethiopia
ET92Robe Chole Sude & Seru Teff Maize Haricot Bean Belt231092Ethiopia
ET93Rift Valley Maize & Horse Bean231093Ethiopia
ET94Selale-Ambo Highland Barley, Wheat and Horsebean belt231094Ethiopia
ET95Soddo Highland Wheat, Barley & Enset231095Ethiopia
ET96Siraro Kofele Potato & Vegetables231096Ethiopia
ET97Sorghum, Maize & Chat231097Ethiopia
ET98Shirka Ticho Spice & Teff231098Ethiopia
ET99Wheat, Barley & Potato231099Ethiopia
GN01Coastal: Rice, Fishing, Palm oil324001Guinea
GN02Piedmont: Rice, Groundnut, Horticulture324002Guinea
GN03Central plateau: Horticulture, Fonio, Livestock324003Guinea
GN04Mountain: Livestock, Fonio, Groundnut324004Guinea
GN05Mountain : Rice, Livestock, Fonio324005Guinea
GN06Northern plateau: Rice, Groundnut, Livestock324006Guinea
GN07Savannah with shrubs: Rice, Gold mining, Livestock324007Guinea
GN08Northeast: Maize, Gold mining, Livestock324008Guinea
GN09Wooded savannah: Rice, Manioc, Groundnut324009Guinea
GN10Pre-forest zone: Rice, Manioc, Livestock324010Guinea
GN11Forest: Rice, Palm oil, Coffee324011Guinea
HN00Urban Area340000Honduras
HN01Garifuna Littoral and Bay Islands Tourism340001Honduras
HN02Atlantic Littoral Palm Oil Production340002Honduras
HN03Labor Income from Maquilas, Banana, and Sugarcane340003Honduras
HN04Mosquitia Hunting and Fishing340004Honduras
HN05Mountainous Coffee and Vegetables340005Honduras
HN06Gulf of Fonseca Fishing and Salt340006Honduras
HN07Subsistence Grains and Remittances340007Honduras
HN08Labor Income from Melons and Shrimp340008Honduras
HN09Grains and Livestock340009Honduras
HN10Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve340010Honduras
HT01Dry Coastal Maize and Charcoal332001Haiti
HT02North Tubers and Horticulture332002Haiti
HT03Central Plateau Maize and Tubers332003Haiti
HT04Rice Plains of the Artibonite332004Haiti
HT05Western Banana Plains of Arcahaie332005Haiti
HT06West Gardening and Beans332006Haiti
HT07South Beans, Bananas, and Petty Trade332007Haiti
HT08Southwestern Coast Maize, Manioc, and Bush Products332008Haiti
KE01Northwestern Pastoral Zone404001Kenya
KE02Turkwell Riverine Zone404002Kenya
KE03Northwestern Agropastoral Zone404003Kenya
KE04Lake Turkana Fishing404004Kenya
KE05Northern Pastoral Zone404005Kenya
KE06Marsabit Marginal Mixed Farming Zone404006Kenya
KE07Northeastern Agropastoral Zone404007Kenya
KE08Mandera Riverine Zone404008Kenya
KE09Northeastern Pastoral Zone404009Kenya
KE10Eastern Pastoral Zone404010Kenya
KE11Southeastern Pastoral Zone404011Kenya
KE12Coastal Medium Potential Farming Zone404012Kenya
KE13Coastal Marginal Agricultural Mixed Farming Zone404013Kenya
KE14Tana Riverine Zone404014Kenya
KE15Southern Pastoral Zone404015Kenya
KE16Southeastern Marginal Mixed Farming Zone404016Kenya
KE17Southeastern Medium Potential, Mixed Farming Zone404017Kenya
KE18Southern Agropastoral Zone404018Kenya
KE19Central Highlands, High Potential Zone404019Kenya
KE20Western Medium Potential Zone404020Kenya
KE21Western High Potential Zone404021Kenya
KE22Western Lakeshore Marginal Mixed Farming Zone404022Kenya
KE23Lake Victoria Fishing Zone404023Kenya
KE24Western Agropastoral Zone404024Kenya
LR01North-East Rice Farming Palm Oil430001Liberia
LR02North/Central Rice with Cassava and Market Gardening430002Liberia
LR03South-East Rice with Cassava430003Liberia
LR04Coastal Plain Cassava with Rice and Inland Fishing430004Liberia
LR05Coastal Fishing and Cassava430005Liberia
LR06Rice Intercropped and Forest Hunting430006Liberia
LR07Border Cacao and Coffee Farming430007Liberia
LR08Rubber and Charcoal with Food Crops430008Liberia
LR09Peri-Urban: Petty Trade, Market Gardening and Casual Employment430009Liberia
LR10Mining/Concession and Farming Zone430010Liberia
LR98National Parks430098Liberia
LR99Urban Areas430099Liberia
LS01Northern Lowlands426001Lesotho
LS02Southern Lowlands426002Lesotho
LS05Senqu River Valley426005Lesotho
MG01Extreme north: sugar cane, fishing, tourism450001Madagascar
MG02North: vanilla, clove, coconut tree450002Madagascar
MG03Sofia River basin: tobacco, onion, fishing450003Madagascar
MG04Northern highland: rice, zebu450004Madagascar
MG05Betsiboka Delta: rice, fishing450005Madagascar
MG06Upper Betsiboka: gold mining, rice, cows450006Madagascar
MG07Aloatra: rice, fishing, livestock rearing450007Madagascar
MG08Toamasina: cloves, coffee, trade450008Madagascar
MG09West: rice, fishing, gathering450009Madagascar
MG10Agropastoral midwest: rice, maize, pulses450010Madagascar
MG11Central Iarivo: rice, market gardening, eucalyptus450011Madagascar
MG12Moramanga: forest, petty trade, market gardening450012Madagascar
MG13Center-east: litchi, coffee, citrus450013Madagascar
MG14Ankaratra: staple crops, horticulture, milk450014Madagascar
MG15Tsirobihina Delta: rice, fishing, pulses450015Madagascar
MG16South-central peneplain: rice, onion, small livestock450016Madagascar
MG17Southern highlands: staple crops, crafts, market gardening450017Madagascar
MG18Corridor: forest products, banana450018Madagascar
MG19Southeast: coffee, litchi, cassava450019Madagascar
MG20Southwest: rice, lima bean450020Madagascar
MG21Bara plateau: cows, cassava450021Madagascar
MG22Center-south: staple crops, industrial sisal, zebu450022Madagascar
MG23Mahafaly plateau: cassava450023Madagascar
MG24Extreme south: cassava, maize, livestock rearing450024Madagascar
ML01Nomadism and Trans-Saharan Trade466001Mali
ML02Northern Livestock466002Mali
ML03Niger Loop Rice and Fishing466003Mali
ML04Central Livestock, Millet, and Remittances466004Mali
ML05Dogon Plateau Millet and Shallots466005Mali
ML06Niger Delta Rice, Cattle, and Fishing466006Mali
ML07Office du Niger Rice and Market Gardening466007Mali
ML08Northwestern Sorghum, Remittances, and Livestock466008Mali
ML09Central Sorghum and Millet466009Mali
ML10Southeastern Sorghum, Millet, and Cotton466010Mali
ML11Southern Maize, Cotton, and Fruits466011Mali
ML12Southwestern Maize, Livestock, and Gold Mining466012Mali
ML13Center-eastern Millet and Livestock466013Mali
ML14Lakes Recessional Millet and Sorghum466014Mali
ML15Western Groundnut, Sorghum, and Maize466015Mali
ML16Southwestern Gold Mining and Maize466016Mali
MR01Nomadic pastoralist478001Mauritania
MR02Mine and pastoral478002Mauritania
MR03Mixed pastoral, oases and wadis478003Mauritania
MR04Littoral coastal fishing478004Mauritania
MR05Pastoral and trade478005Mauritania
MR06Transhumant pastoralism478006Mauritania
MR08Senegal valley agriculture478008Mauritania
MR09Rainfed agriculture478009Mauritania
MW01Central Karonga454001Malawi
MW02Chitipa Millet & Maize454002Malawi
MW03Kasungu Lilongwe Plain454003Malawi
MW04Lake Chilwa - Phalombe Plain454004Malawi
MW05Lower Shire454005Malawi
MW06Middle Shire Valley454006Malawi
MW07Misuku Hills454007Malawi
MW08Mzimba Self Sufficient454008Malawi
MW09Nkhata Bay Cassava454009Malawi
MW10Northern Karonga454010Malawi
MW11Northern Lakeshore454011Malawi
MW12Phirilongwe Hills454012Malawi
MW13Rift Valley Escarpment454013Malawi
MW14Shire Highlands454014Malawi
MW15Southern Lakeshore454015Malawi
MW16Thyolo Mulunje Tea Estates454016Malawi
MW17Western Rumphi & Mzimba454017Malawi
MW18Border Productive Horticulture454018Malawi
MW20National Park454020Malawi
MZ01Lakeshore Basic Staples and Fishing508001Mozambique
MZ02Northern Highland Forest and Tourism508002Mozambique
MZ03Northwestern Tobacco and Maize508003Mozambique
MZ04Northern Cassava, Maize, and Forest508004Mozambique
MZ05Northern Highland with Mixed Cropping508005Mozambique
MZ06Northeastern Highland Forest508006Mozambique
MZ07Northeastern Cassava, Cashew, and Coconut508007Mozambique
MZ08North-Central Coastal Fishing508008Mozambique
MZ09Plains with Cassava, Rice, and Fishing508009Mozambique
MZ10Zambezi Valley with Maize and Fishing508010Mozambique
MZ11Northwestern Cropping and Cross-border Trade508011Mozambique
MZ12Coastal Sugarcane and Fishing508012Mozambique
MZ13Tete Highland Mixed Cropping, Tobbaco, and Cotton508013Mozambique
MZ14Cahora Bassa Dam Sesame and Cotton508014Mozambique
MZ15Central Semiarid Cotton and Minerals508015Mozambique
MZ16Manica Highland Mixed Cropping, Cotton, and Tobacco508016Mozambique
MZ17Central Manica and Sofala Mixed Cropping508017Mozambique
MZ18Cheringoma and Muanza Maize and Cassava508018Mozambique
MZ19Central Semiarid Pineapple and Cashew508019Mozambique
MZ20Southern Coastal Cassava, Coconut, and Fishing508020Mozambique
MZ21Southern Intermediate Mixed Cropping508021Mozambique
MZ22Southern Semiarid Cereals and Cattle508022Mozambique
MZ23Southeastern Rice508023Mozambique
MZ24Limpopo and Elephant Rivers Mixed Cropping508024Mozambique
MZ25Southern Coastal Rishing, Manioc, and Maize508025Mozambique
MZ26Southern Highland Cattle and Mixed Cropping508026Mozambique
NE00Not Zoned (Desert)562000Niger
NE01North-east Oases: Dates, Salt and Trade562001Niger
NE02Air Massif Irrigated Gardening562002Niger
NE03Transhumant and Nomad Pastoralism562003Niger
NE04Agropastoral Belt562004Niger
NE05Rainfed Millet and Sorghum Belt562005Niger
NE06Cropping and Herding with High Work Outmigration562006Niger
NE07Southern Irrigated Cash Crops562007Niger
NE08Southwestern Cereals with Fan-Palm Products562008Niger
NE09Niger River Irrigated Rice562009Niger
NE10Dallols - Seasonal Water-Course Irrigated Crops562010Niger
NE11Southeastern Natron Salt and Small Basin Irrigated Dates562011Niger
NE12Komadougou Irrigated Peppers562012Niger
NE13Lake Chad Flood-Retreat Cultivation with Fishing562013Niger
NE14Transhumant and Nomad Pastoralism-Camels562014Niger
NG01Coastal Fishing566001Nigeria
NG02Southern Cocoa, Palm Oil, and Kola nut566002Nigeria
NG03South-Central Yam, Cassava, and Banana566003Nigeria
NG04Southeast Rice, Salt, and Granite566004Nigeria
NG05Niger and Benue River Floodplain Rice and Fishing566005Nigeria
NG06Central Plain Yam and Cassava566006Nigeria
NG07Mambilla Plateau Cattle, Cocoa, and Tea566007Nigeria
NG08Central Highland Maize and Soybean566008Nigeria
NG09Northeastern Highland Maize, Cocoyam, Potatoes, and Livestock566009Nigeria
NG10North-Central Maize, Sorghum, and Cotton566010Nigeria
NG11Northern Floodplains Irrigated Rice, Wheat, and Vegetables566011Nigeria
NG12Northeast Millet, Cowpea, and Sesame566012Nigeria
NG13Sahel Mixed Cereals and Livestock566013Nigeria
NI00Urban Area558000Nicaragua
NI01Pacific Coast Export Fishing, Aquaculture, Tourism and Livestock Zone558001Nicaragua
NI02Pacific Agro-Industrial and Transitional Agriculture Zone558002Nicaragua
NI03Northwest Subsistence Agriculture, Livestock and Alternate Income Activities Zone558003Nicaragua
NI04Esteli Traditional and Industrial Tobacco Zone558004Nicaragua
NI05Managua Peri-urban Free-Trade, Agro-industry and Services Zone558005Nicaragua
NI06East-Central Vegetables, Informal Trade, Industry and Tourism Zone558006Nicaragua
NI07Southern Pacific, Agriculture and High Migration Zone558007Nicaragua
NI08Central Cattle and Agricultural Frontier Zone558008Nicaragua
NI09Agriculture and Livestock with High Migration to Costa Rica Zone558009Nicaragua
NI10Caribbean Humid Tropical Agriculture Zone558010Nicaragua
NI11Northern Atlantic Agricultural Frontier and Mining Zone558011Nicaragua
NI12Coffee with Commercial Agriculture and Livestock Zone558012Nicaragua
NI13Northern Market-bound Basic Grains, Livestock and Coffee Zone558013Nicaragua
NI14Communal Forestry Zone558014Nicaragua
NI15Coco River Traditional Agriculture Zone558015Nicaragua
NI16Caribbean Coast Traditional Fishing Zone558016Nicaragua
NI25National Forest Reserve558025Nicaragua
NZNot Zoned729000Sudan
SD01Northern Riverine Small-scale Cultivation729001Sudan
SD02Southern Riverine Small/Medium-scale Cultivation729002Sudan
SD03Eastern Pastoral729003Sudan
SD04West and Central Pastoral729004Sudan
SD05Eastern Khors Agropastoral729005Sudan
SD06Coastal Fishing729006Sudan
SD07Eastern Agropastoral Sorghum729007Sudan
SD07Eastern Agropastoral Sorghum729007Sudan
SD08Flood-retreat Cultivation729008Sudan
SD09Central Irrigated Schemes729009Sudan
SD10Southeast Rainfed Semi-mechanized Agriculture729010Sudan
SD11Rainfed Sorghum Belt729011Sudan
SD12Western Agropastoral Millet and Groundnuts729012Sudan
SD13Western Agropastoral Millet729013Sudan
SD14Central Rainfed Millet and Sesame729014Sudan
SD15Jabel Marra Mixed Highland Cultivation729015Sudan
SD16Western Wadi Cultivation729016Sudan
SD16Western Wadi Cultivation729016Sudan
SD17North Darfur Tobacco729017Sudan
SD18North Kordofan Gum Arabic Belt729018Sudan
SD19Cattle Dominant Agropastoral729019Sudan
SL00Urban Area - Not Zoned694000Sierra Leone
SL01Tonkolli Food Crops, Gold and Iron Ore694001Sierra Leone
SL02Bombali Food Crops, Peppers, Tobacco and Livestock694002Sierra Leone
SL03Western Rice, Root Crops, Cereals and Trade Belt694003Sierra Leone
SL04Coastal Food Crops and Fishing694004Sierra Leone
SL05Kailahun-Kenema-Pujehun Cash Crops, Food Crops and Trade694005Sierra Leone
SL06Kono-Kenema-Bo Rice, Tree Crops and Timbers694006Sierra Leone
SL07Koinadugu Food Crops, Livestock and Trade694007Sierra Leone
SL08Follosoba Dembellia and Wara Wara Yagala Vegetables694008Sierra Leone
SL09Freetown Peri-Urban694009Sierra Leone
SL10Rice Bowl Areas694010Sierra Leone
SN00Urban Area - Dakar686000Senegal
SN01The Niayes Gardening and Fishing686001Senegal
SN02Delta Rice, Horticulture, and Agricultural Labor686002Senegal
SN03Valley Rice and Remittances686003Senegal
SN04Dieri Millet and Remittances686004Senegal
SN05Rainfed Cowpea and Groundnut686005Senegal
SN06Sylvopatoral Livestock and Gathering686006Senegal
SN07Small Coast Fishing and Tourism686007Senegal
SN08Rainfed Groundnut and Millet686008Senegal
SN09Agropastoral Groundnut686009Senegal
SN10Rainfed Groundnut and Cereals686010Senegal
SN11Forest and Rainfed Rice686011Senegal
SN12Forest, Rainfed Rice, and Groundnut686012Senegal
SN13Rainfed Maize, Cotton, and Cattle686013Senegal
SN14Rainfed Maize and Lumber686014Senegal
SN15Rainfed Maize and Artisanal Gold Mining686015Senegal
SN16National Park686016Senegal
SO01Guban Pastoral706001Somalia
SO02West Golis Pastoral706002Somalia
SO03Northwestern Agropastoral706003Somalia
SO04Togdheer Agropastoral706004Somalia
SO05Hawd Pastoral706005Somalia
SO06Northern Inland Pastoral - Goats and Sheep706006Somalia
SO07East Golis - Frankincense, Goats, and Fishing706007Somalia
SO08Coastal Deeh Pastoral and Fishing706008Somalia
SO09Addun Pastoral706009Somalia
SO10Cowpea Belt Agropastoral706010Somalia
SO11Southern Inland Pastoral - Camels, Goats, Sheep, and Cattle706011Somalia
SO12Southern Agropastoral - Goats, Camels, and Sorghum706012Somalia
SO13Riverine Pump Irrigation706013Somalia
SO14Riverine Gravity Irrigation706014Somalia
SO15Sorghum High Potential Agropastoral706015Somalia
SO16Bay Bakool Low Potential Agropastoral706016Somalia
SO17Southern Rainfed Agropastoral - Maize, Cattle, and Goats706017Somalia
SO18Juba Pastoral - Cattle and Goats706018Somalia
SS01Equatorial maize and cassava728001South Sudan
SS02Ironstone Plateau agro-pastoral728002South Sudan
SS03Highland forest and sorghum728003South Sudan
SS04Western groundnuts, sesame and sorghum728004South Sudan
SS05Eastern semi-arid pastoral728005South Sudan
SS06Eastern plains sorghum and cattle728006South Sudan
SS07Greater Bahr el Ghazal sorghum and cattle728007South Sudan
SS08Nile basin fishing and agro-pastoral728008South Sudan
SS09Oil resources, maize and cattle728009South Sudan
SS10Northeastern maize and cattle728010South Sudan
SS11Northern sorhgum and livestock728011South Sudan
SV01Basic Grain and Labor Zone222001El Salvador
SV02Coffee, Agro-Industrial and Labor Zone222002El Salvador
SV03Sugarcane, Agro-Industry and Labor Zone222003El Salvador
SV04Eastern Basic Grain, Labor, Livestock and Remittance Zone222004El Salvador
SV05Central Free-Trade, Services and Industrial Labor Zone222005El Salvador
SV06Fishing, Aquaculture and Tourism Zone222006El Salvador
TD01Southern Staple and Cash Crops148001Chad
TD02Southwest Rice148002Chad
TD03South-central Cereals148003Chad
TD04Southeast Flood Retreat and Gum Arabic148004Chad
TD05Central Agropastoral148005Chad
TD06Eastern Rainfed Cereals and Market Gardening148006Chad
TD08Western Agropastoral and Fishing148008Chad
TD09Northern Oasis Cultivation with Camels and Natron148009Chad
TZ01Southern Maasai Pastoralist834001Tanzania
TZ02River Pangani Paddy and Maize Basin834002Tanzania
TZ03Tanga Maize and Cattle834003Tanzania
TZ04Tanga Maize and Sisal Employment834004Tanzania
TZ05Usambara-Pare Highland834005Tanzania
TZ06Tanga Maize, Orange, and Jackfruit Midlands834006Tanzania
TZ07Tanga-Pwani Coastal Maize, Paddy Belt834007Tanzania
TZ08Handeni-Bagamoyo Maize, Cassava, and Fruit Midlands834008Tanzania
TZ09Loliondo Midland Maize, Beans, and Livestock834009Tanzania
TZ10Lower Rombo Maize, Beans, and Finger Millet834010Tanzania
TZ11Kilimanjaro-Meru Maize, Coffee, and Plantains834011Tanzania
TZ12Karatu Wheat, Maize, and Coffee834012Tanzania
TZ13Lower Arusha-Simanjiro Maize834013Tanzania
TZ14Northern Maasai Pastoralist834014Tanzania
TZ15Nowu Maize, Beans, and Onions Highlands834015Tanzania
TZ16Babati Kwaraa Maize, Beans, Sunflower, and Coffee834016Tanzania
TZ17Kiteto-Kongwa-Mpwapwa-Mvomero Maize, Sorghum, and Pigeon Pea834017Tanzania
TZ18Mbulu-Karatu Midlands Maize, Beans, and Livestock834018Tanzania
TZ19Hadzabe Hunter-Gatherer Wild Honey, Wild Roots, and Wild Fruit834019Tanzania
TZ20Wembere Paddy, Sorghum, Maize, Sunflower, and Fishing834020Tanzania
TZ21Bahi-Sanza Irrigated Rice, Maize, Bulrush Millet, and Livestock834021Tanzania
TZ22Iramba Midland Onion, Maize, and Sunflower834022Tanzania
TZ23Manyoni Upland Maize, Sunflower, Sesame, and Livestock834023Tanzania
TZ24Tabora-Singida Midland Maize, Sunflower, and Livestock834024Tanzania
TZ25Singida-Manyara Maize, Sorghum, Beans, and Sunflower834025Tanzania
TZ26East and South Lakeshore Fishing, Cassava, and Upland Rice834026Tanzania
TZ27Western Lakeshore Coffee, Fishing, and Banana834027Tanzania
TZ28Kagera-Kigoma-Mara Banana, Coffee, and Beans834028Tanzania
TZ29Mwanza-Shinyanga-Mara Cotton, Livestock, Cassava, and Maize834029Tanzania
TZ30Kagera Lowlands Beans, Maize, and Livestock834030Tanzania
TZ31Shinyanga-Tabora Cotton, Upland Rice, Sweet Potato, and Livestock834031Tanzania
TZ32Sengerema-Geita Highland Cassava, Rice, and Maize834032Tanzania
TZ33Kagera-Kigoma Beans, Cassava, and Maize834033Tanzania
TZ34Kahama-Tabora Midland Tobacco, Maize, Rice, and Livestock834034Tanzania
TZ35Kishapu-Meatu-Maswa Sorghum, Cotton, Sweet Potato, and Livestock834035Tanzania
TZ36Urambo-Nzega Lowland Groundnuts, Cotton, and Maize834036Tanzania
TZ37Kigoma Lowland Palm Oil, Cassava, and Maize834037Tanzania
TZ38Urambo Agropastoral Maize and Sweet Potato834038Tanzania
TZ39Victoria Islands Fishing, Cassava, Sweet Potato, and Paddy834039Tanzania
TZ40Ruaha Riverine Maize, Onion, Tomato, and Paddy Lowlands834040Tanzania
TZ41Chalinze-Tunuguo Maize, Cattle, and Cassava834041Tanzania
TZ42Kilombero-Mtibwa Paddy, Maize, and Sugar Employment834042Tanzania
TZ43Kilombero-Ulanga-Lusewa Paddy, Maize, and Cassava834043Tanzania
TZ44Kilosa-Mvomero Maize and Paddy Lowlands834044Tanzania
TZ45Matombo-Kuyuni Spice, Maize, and Banana834045Tanzania
TZ46Bagamoyo-Kibaha Midland Cassava, Cashew, and Maize834046Tanzania
TZ47Morogoro Highland Maize and Vegetable834047Tanzania
TZ48Maskat-Kimbet Maize and Beans Highlands834048Tanzania
TZ49Newala-Masasi Plateau Sesame, Cassava, Cashew, and Sorghum834049Tanzania
TZ50Mtwara-Lindi Coastal Rice and Cashew834050Tanzania
TZ51Matumbi Midland Upland Rice, Oranges, and Maize834051Tanzania
TZ52Lindi-Nachingwea Lowland Cassava and Maize834052Tanzania
TZ53Southeastern Plateau Cassava, Cashew, and Bambara Nuts834053Tanzania
TZ54Mtwara-Lindi-Pwani Riverine834054Tanzania
TZ55Singida-Dodoma Sorghum, B/Millet, Sunflower, and Livestock834055Tanzania
TZ56Dodoma Lowland Sunflower, Grape, and Sorghum834056Tanzania
TZ57Mpanda Maize, Paddy, Sunflower, and Livestock834057Tanzania
TZ58Lake Tanganyika-Rukwa Fishing, Maize, and Sunflower834058Tanzania
TZ59Kyela Paddy, Cacao, and Palm Oil Lowlands834059Tanzania
TZ60Rungwe Banana, Coffee, Tea, and Livestock Midlands834060Tanzania
TZ61Mporoto-Umalila Irish Potato, Maize, Wheat, and Pyrethrum Highlands834061Tanzania
TZ62Mbozi-Mbeya Coffee, Maize, Beans, and Livestock Highlands834062Tanzania
TZ63Usangu Paddy, Maize, Sorghum, and Livestock Wetlands834063Tanzania
TZ64Kamsamba Paddy, Sorghum, and Livestock Lowlands834064Tanzania
TZ65Chunya Maize, Sunflower, Cassava, and Groundnut Midlands834065Tanzania
TZ66West Chunya Maize, Bulrush Millet, and Sesame Lowlands834066Tanzania
TZ67Lake Nyasa Shore Cassava Fishing and Paddy834067Tanzania
TZ68Namtumbo Tobacco, Maize, Paddy, and Cassava Midlands834068Tanzania
TZ69Matengo Coffee, Maize, Beans, and Piggery Midlands834069Tanzania
TZ70Songea-Namtumbo-Ludewa-Mibinga Maize, Beans, and Cassava Midlands834070Tanzania
TZ71Njombe-Mufindi Maize, Timber, Tea, Pyrethrum, and Employment834071Tanzania
TZ72Mtera Dam Fishing, Sorghum, and Sesame834072Tanzania
TZ73Makete Wheat, Irish Potato, Timber, and Employment Highlands834073Tanzania
TZ74Njombe-Mufindi Maize, Irish Potato, and Bean834074Tanzania
TZ75Iringa-Mbarali Maize, Sunflower, Beans, and Groundnut Belt834075Tanzania
TZ76Tunduru-Nachingwea-Nanyumbu Cashew, Cassava, and Paddy Lowlands834076Tanzania
TZ77Mpanda-Chunya-Sikonge Maize and Tobacco Lowlands834077Tanzania
TZ78Sumbawanga-Mbozi-Mpanda Maize, Sunflower, and Livestock834078Tanzania
TZ99Not Zoned834099Tanzania
UG01North Eastern Karamoja Highland Apiculture and Potato Zone800001Uganda
UG02Western Karamoja Mixed Crop Farming Zone800002Uganda
UG03South Eastern Karamoja Cattle Maize Zone800003Uganda
UG04Karamoja Mountain and Foot Hills Maize and Cattle Zone800004Uganda
UG05Central Karamoja Sorghum and Livestock Zone800005Uganda
UG06NE Sorghum Simsim Maize Livestock Zone800006Uganda
UG07North Kitgum Gulu Amuru West Nile Simsim Sorghum Livestock Zone800007Uganda
UG08Palabek Tobacco Simsim Sorghum and Cattle Zone800008Uganda
UG09South Kitgum Pader Abim Simsim Groundnuts Sorghum Cattle Zone800009Uganda
UG10Albertine West Nile Lowland Cattle Zone800010Uganda
UG11Kafu Muzizi Maize Upland Rice Cassava Zone800011Uganda
UG12Albertine Escarpment Cotton Cassava Zone800012Uganda
UG13Bwijanga Pakanyi SugarcaNE Maize Cassava Zone800013Uganda
UG14Karuma Masindi Oyam Tobacco Maize Cassava Zone800014Uganda
UG15West Nile Tobacco Cassava Sorghum Zone800015Uganda
UG16Rwenzori Mt.Elgon West Nile Arabica Coffee Banana Zone800016Uganda
UG17Amuru Gulu Rice Groundnut Sorghum Livestock Zone800017Uganda
UG18Southwest Gulu Beans Groundnuts Shoat Cassava800018Uganda
UG19Mid North Simsim Maize Cassava Zone800019Uganda
UG20Eastern Lowland Maize Beans Rice Zone800020Uganda
UG21Eastern Central Lowland Cassava Sorghum and Groundnut Zone800021Uganda
UG22Mt Elgon Highland Irish Potato Cereal Zone800022Uganda
UG23Central and Southern Cattle Cassava Maize Zone800023Uganda
UG24Lakeshore and Riverbank Fishing Zone800024Uganda
UG25Southeastern Maize Beans Robusta Coffee Zone800025Uganda
UG26Midwest Central and Lake Victoria Crescent Robusta Coffee Banana Maize and Cattle Zone800026Uganda
UG27Rwenzori Midland Banana Fruit Vegetable Dairy Zone800027Uganda
UG28Kazinga Channel Cassava Maize Fruit Vegetable Cotton Zone800028Uganda
UG29Rwenzori Lowland Maize Vegetable Banana Zone800029Uganda
UG30Southeastern Lowland Cassava Cereal Zone800030Uganda
UG31Eastern Lowland Rice Root Crop Zone800031Uganda
UG32Southeastern Lowland Cassava Maize Sweet Potato Zone800032Uganda
UG33East Central Plantation Outgrower Zone800033Uganda
UG34Kayunga Masaka Pineapple Banana Robusta Coffee and Cassava Zone800034Uganda
UG35SW Highland Irish Potato Sorghum Vegetable Zone800035Uganda
UG36Kalangala Fishing Oil Palm Cassava Zone800036Uganda
UG37Western Rift Valley Cocoa Coffee Cassava Zone800037Uganda
UG38Rwenzori Midland Tea and Dairy Zone800038Uganda
UG39Southwestern Midland Banana Robusta Coffee Cattle Zone800039Uganda
UG40SW Rift Valley Tobacco Bean Millet Zone800040Uganda
UG42National Park800042Uganda
YE01Amran Rainfed Sorghum, Barley, Qat, and Livestock Zone887001Yemen
YE02Arabian Sea Coastal Irrigated Tropical Fruit, Fodder and Livestock Zone887002Yemen
YE03Central and Eastern Plateau Agro-Pastoral Zone887003Yemen
YE04Central and Eastern Wadi Palm, Wheat, Vegetable and Livestock Zone887004Yemen
YE05Central Highland Potato, Vegetable and Livestock Zone887005Yemen
YE06Eastern Plateau Sorghum, Millet and Livestock Zone887006Yemen
YE07Greater Yemen Coastal and Island Fishing Zone887007Yemen
YE08Northern and Eastern Desert Pastoral Zone887008Yemen
YE09Sa'adah Irrigated Wheat, Fruit, Vegetable, Qat, and Livestock Zone887009Yemen
YE10Western and Central Highland Qat, Grain, Fodder and Livestock Zone887010Yemen
YE11Western and Central Wadi Sorghum, Millet, Vegetable, Fruit and Livestock Zone887011Yemen
YE12Western Central Highland Coffee, Qat, Sorghum and Livestock Zone887012Yemen
YE13Western Central Highland Wheat, Sorghum, Qat, and Livestock Zone887013Yemen
YE14Western Coastal Plain Sorghum, Millet, and Livestock Zone887014Yemen
ZM01Zambezi Plain Rice, Livestock, and Fishing894001Zambia
ZM02Southwestern Cereal, Livestock, and Timber894002Zambia
ZM03Western and Northwestern Cassava, Maize, and Cattle894003Zambia
ZM04Kaoma Smallholder Food Crop and Tobacco894004Zambia
ZM05Northwestern Timber and Honey894005Zambia
ZM06Solwezi and Kasempa Mining Labor and Agriculture894006Zambia
ZM07Kafue Plain Maize, Cattle, and Fishing894007Zambia
ZM08Commercial Rail Line Maize, Livestock, and Cotton894008Zambia
ZM09Southern Plateau Cattle, Maize, and Tobacco894009Zambia
ZM10Zambezi Valley Agro-fisheries894010Zambia
ZM11Mkushi, Chisamba, and Mpongwe Commercial Farming Block894011Zambia
ZM12Central Copperbelt Maize, Cassava, and Sweet Potato894012Zambia
ZM13Copperbelt Labor and Trade894013Zambia
ZM14Mkushi and Serenje Maize, Sweet Potato, and Horticulture894014Zambia
ZM15Luangwa Valley Informal Mining, Fishing, and Hunting894015Zambia
ZM16Eastern Plateau Maize, Cotton, and Groundnut894016Zambia
ZM17Eastern Plateau Maize, Groundnut, Tobacco, and Trade894017Zambia
ZM18Luangwa Valley Subsistence Farming, Hunting, and Tourism894018Zambia
ZM19Northern Border Maize, Beans, Livestock, and Trade894019Zambia
ZM20Muchinga, Northern, and Luapula Cassava, Groundnut, and Mill894020Zambia
ZM21Mweru, Bangweulu, and Tanganyika Fisheries894021Zambia
ZW02Beitbridge South Western Lowveld Communal716002Zimbabwe
ZW03Bikita-Zaka Highlands Communal716003Zimbabwe
ZW04Central and Northern Semi Intensive Farming716004Zimbabwe
ZW05Cereal and High Cotton Communal716005Zimbabwe
ZW06Cereal and Low Cotton Communal716006Zimbabwe
ZW07Eastern Highlands Commercial Farming716007Zimbabwe
ZW08Eastern Highlands Prime Communal716008Zimbabwe
ZW09Eastern Kalahari Sandveld Communal716009Zimbabwe
ZW10Greater Mudzi Communal716010Zimbabwe
ZW11Highveld Prime Cereal and Cash Crop Resettlement716011Zimbabwe
ZW12Highveld Prime Communal716012Zimbabwe
ZW13Irrigated Commercial Sugar and Fruit Farming716013Zimbabwe
ZW14Kariba Valley and Kariangwe-Jambezi Communal716014Zimbabwe
ZW15Livestock and Cereal Farming Communal in Forests716015Zimbabwe
ZW16Lusulu, Lupane and Southern Gokwe Mixed Agriculture716016Zimbabwe
ZW17Masvingo Manicaland Middleveld Smallholder716017Zimbabwe
ZW18Matabeleland Middleveld Communal716018Zimbabwe
ZW19Mutorashanga Informal mining716019Zimbabwe
ZW20Mwenezi, Chivi and South Midland Communal716020Zimbabwe
ZW21Northern Cattle and Cereal Farming716021Zimbabwe
ZW22Northern Zambezi Valley Communal716022Zimbabwe
ZW23Save River Valley and Ndowoyo Communal716023Zimbabwe
ZW24Southern Cattle and Cereal Farming716024Zimbabwe
ZW25Western Kalahari Sandveld Communal716025Zimbabwe
ZW26National Park716026Zimbabwe